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Name: Rachel Walters


Date: Wed March 7 12:14:23 EDT 2007

I just wanted to thank China Homestay for organising such a brilliant homestay for me. My host, Jacy, was the same age as me, and not only did I get a real insight into the culture of a young, successful Beijinger, I also made a really great friend. The flat and living conditions were great - I REALLY didn't expect to have a maid cooking and cleaning for us, that was a real treat. Jacy also invited me to her hometown for Chinese New Year with her family. It was a great cultural and gastronomic experience, and then to top it off we went skiing to Beidahu with a bunch of her friends. There's no way I could have such an insight into Chinese culture just by living in a flat with someone: the people who participate as hosts in this program clearly have a desire to share their culture with us and learn from us in turn. It's incredible that the whole thing was rent free as well. Anyway, thanks again. I've been recommending it to my friends already! Best regards, Rachel

Name: Jiali


Date: Sun June 11 09:41:33 EDT 2006

Having been with two families here in Beijing, I can say that the guys at are incredibly helpful in helping set you up with a family appropriate for your needs and circumstance. The price is competitive for the time, and the experience of living with a family has many advantages to having your own apartment and mixing with mostly foreigners. My first "family" was a single upper-middle class manager whose apartment was super nice; plus, he let me have full freedom to come and go at any hour. We are still friends good friends and have business-venture ideas together. My second family is much more a "family" in the traditional Chinese sense, with a seventeen year-old kid and his parents. I much enjoy the company and influence of a family, but for those who prefer the freedom of coming and going at all hours of the night, that might be a bit awkward. Overall, I think that the homestay experience offers a lot and would suggest you fill out the form and see what happens.

Date: Mon May 08 23:28:44 EDT 2006

living here was great i loved the food and will be eating chinese all the time.

Name: Jody


Date: Fri Mar 24 08:59:16 EST 2006

Hi ! Just to say thanks to Jake, Jess and Alex for helping me with my homestay. I am having a great time and the match was perfect ! I would definetly recommend this service to anyone who wants to learn more about Chinese culture in an exciting way !

Name: Amy Hurt

Date: Thu Mar 23 02:25:57 EST 2006

Days before my family revieved my present.They were so happy.Thanks to my Chinese friend for helping me send my stuff home.If you guys need to send something home I wish he can help you too. His email is,he is in GuangZhou.

Name: Steven Smith


Date: Tue Feb 21 17:15:07 EST 2006

Thanks Jake for setting me up. The Lee family is great. Really friendly and helpful. It was nice that you were able to meet me and get me settled. Coming to China was a big thing, but I felt better knowing that you\'d help me get everything settled. And, the nice homestay family helps alot. Now I feel good about being here and look forward to staying for a while. Cheers!

Name: Mike Ellis


Date: Sat Feb 04 10:18:31 EST 2006

Hiya China Home Stay.. I have just discovered your site and it\'s an ingenious idea and a decent opportunity for a visitor to China. Seems that you have solved interaction problems and so on. Thanks too for the scam warning, yeah there are many about i am sure. I haven\'t as yet visited any premises personally through a china home stay experience, though the possibility could well be on the cards. At the moment I have been in contact with a lady who lives in beijing for about 4 - 5 months now... So i might want to visit to meet her. An opportunity of staying like this in Beijing would be ideal.. Thanks for such an iniative and once i can tidy up a few loose ends here, I might very well take the plunge... I have saved your url for future reference... hope your service prospers and that more stayers provide decent feedback for their experiences... Regards M Ellis

Name: Nick

Email: USA

Date: Sun Jun 26 08:18:12 EDT 2005

Hi Morgan, Thanks to you and Jacob for getting me from the airport last weekend and taking care of my homestay stuff. I've enjoyed living with the Ren family so far, and my first week at work has gone well, too. Tomorrow we're going to get me a cell phone, and find me a decent bike. I seem to recall that you guys wanted me to update you on how things were going after a little while, so I hope this is what you needed to know. Before I came here, I was thinking of teaching some English in my spare time to cover miscellaneous expenses and maybe save a few hundred dollars toward studying in Taiwan next year, but now that I'm here, I'm not sure how to go about that. Can you think of a way I could teach on Sunday afternoons and maybe one evening a week as well? Also, what's the typical wage for English teachers here? I don't really have any English teaching experience beyond doing it for service a couple hours a week in Taiwan with no real teaching materials, but I do have a l

Name: xiaoling

Email: China

Date: Mon Jun 06 08:29:58 EDT 2005

I urgently need 2 foreign sdudents in china work for our as foreign teachers.And i also want to make friends with them.Because i want to improve my english and exchange our culture.If there is any one who is interested in this.Please contact me as soon as possible!Thank you!

Name: Andrew Lewis

Email: China

Date: Wed May 25 02:17:27 EDT 2005

China is great, and staying with this family has really helped me, thanks Jake.

Name: Harry

Email: China

Date: Tue May 24 03:26:11 EDT 2005


Email: Beijing

Date: Sun May 22 23:28:52 EDT 2005

Please only leave homestay stories here. If you have any questions about free homestays please email us at Also for those of you past or current homestayers, please start to leave your stories here. Thanks.

Name: october81


Date: Thu May 05 13:10:05 EDT 2005

Just got to my home stay 2 days ago. Looks great, thanks guys!

Name: Sarah Greyson


Date: Wed May 04 02:09:51 EDT 2005

Homestay was a wonderful experience for I ended up staying for a full year and traveling all over china while I always had a free place to stay in Beijing.