INTERNSHIP AND JOB PLACEMENT SERVICE 2013                                                     
* Free service for all homestayers and Chinese students


interns China Homestay Work Placement Overview 

China Homestay placements are carefully selected and maintained, ensuring that participants will acquire professional skills and cross-cultural experience with real practical value for their future career. 

* Participants are fully integrated into their chosen profession, working side by side with Chinese counterparts and learning to negotiate the intricacies of China's corporate culture.
* Program is free to all participants studying Chinese with us or partaking in our homestay and immersion programs..

Broad Variety of Industries

China Homestay has opportunities in the following fields:

* International Law.
* Education / Teaching.
* Journalism
* Information Technology.
* Marketing / Advertising.
* Engineering / Environmental Sciences.
* Many others, please inquire by email.


Internship Organizations

This Month's Featured Placement

Internship at CCTV International CCTV International (Journalism)

CCTV is China's largest national TV network, broadcast to more-than 45 million subscribers on three continents outside of China in addition to the domestic market. CCTV Intl. is an all-English channel with a focus on news, current events, educational programming, and documentaries about China. 

* Assist in all aspects of documentary creation, including on-site filming.
* Create, write, and edit content for various programs and documentaries.
* Cut film and material to help produce "made-for-air" shows.
* Plan and host on-camera interviews that will be broadcast internationally.

Email us for more information.