• 07/04/08 | Brand New style

    We Change our style, and keep the same quality of service

    We now have a new style for our website, and it reflect a lot better the quality and time we put in this remarkable western own and run Homestay company.

    Created 3 years ago, we've managed to learn and keep our level of service to a international level.

  • 01/07/07 | Beijing 2008

    Beijing 2008 Olympic Homestay has arrived!

    Beijing 2008 Olympics We have been working hard to open up 350 host families for a 4 week period surrounding the Olympics. Each homestay can accommodate a maximum of 2 people and will be located on local transportation routes connected to Olympic venues. Each host family is screened by our office and they must meet a high level of standards. This includes: modern apartment or house, spare furnished bedroom, internet connection, close proximity of event venues and a minimum amount of their guests home language.

    To apply for our program simply click this linkBeijing 2008 Olympics and fill out the attached application form. Total fees for the 4 week period will be 640EUR. This includes airport pickup, accommodations and at least one meal per day. Right now we still have availability for slightly over 500 guests but we expect to be full booked by this fall.

  • 03/01/07 | Taiwan Earthquake

    Mother nature shock asia's internet connection with the west!

    Some of you may have heard that on December 29th there was an earthquake off the south coast of Taiwan that knocked out fiber optic cables. Since our office is located in China and our servers in Canada this has directly affected us. We are following the news and the latest is that everything should be back to normal on January 25th.

    In the mean time if you have contacted us or applied and received no response please use our alternate email at -->

  • 07/12/06 | University Alliance

    We are introducing our brand new accredited University Alliance program!

    We will welcome the first class from the University Alliance program. We are proud to be a part of this program which will see 37 French university students travel to ShangHai on the 7th of July where the will take 3-week intensive mandarin classes while living with a Chinese family before flying to Beijing. Once in Beijing the students will participate in a 3 week internship at various Chinese companies throughout the city.

    This program will be part of these students graduation requirements. For more information contact us at --> or simply visit .

  • 09/04/06 | Hot spring, Hot party

    Party at the Long Mai Luxury Hot springs!

    We will plan to host a party on next weekend,we will go to the LongMai Hot Spring!

    When: 9th,Apr,2006 9:00-16:00

    Where: LongMai Hot Spring,XiaoTangShan,ChangPing,BJ.

    Who: Families, homestayers, teachers and consultants.

    What’s the fee: $22.5 or ¥180 per person. (will cover transport, food, spa, diving, rock climbing, sauna, swimming, hot spring bath, surfing, grit bath, flagstone bath, etc.) We will meet at the gate of Renaciness Hotel BJ at 8:30-9:00.

  • 26/01/06 | Not too lonely, Planet

    See us in the New Lonely Planet!

    We have just finished our interviews and have received our notification that we are now the officially recommended homestay company according to the next release of the Lonely Planet for Beijing and China! A special thanks to Paul Anthony at the the Lonely Planet for this recommendation and vote of confidence.

  • 21/11/06 | Fake Websites

    Their are now 7 websites that try to represent themselves as us

    It has come to our attention that their are now 7 websites that have copied our text and pictures and try to represent themselves as us and our website. One girl posted her story on a local forum ( and we were surprised to here that another homestay company (smart eagle) had asked her to send $500USD from America to secure her stay and of course this was the last she heard from this company.

    Please be advised that is completely owned and managed by Caucasian Canadians ( this may be the only way to separate us) and we will never ask for money until you arrive at your stay in China. If you think you have encountered one of these unscrupulous people or sites please let us know by email: .

    Thanks and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. *Remember* their is only one true rent free China Homestay.