terms of agreement

Terms of service and responsibilities

Responsibilities for China Homestay to foreign visitor

  • 1) China Homestay will place the foreign visitor in an agreed upon Chinese host family by: matching the applications, notifying any party well in advance of any potential complications, by picking up and delivering the foreign guest to the host family, providing free translation service and by offering a 24-hour support line.

  • 2) China Homestay will be honest, fair and forthcoming with the foreign visitor about any pertinent information that the foreign visitor would need in having a comfortable and enjoyable home stay.

  • 3) China Homestay agrees to be available to the visitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entirety of the foreign visitor's stay, should any complications arise.

  • 4) China Homestay further agrees that should any unexpected, unforeseen complications arise, that are unmanageable, then China homestay will do everything they can to solve the problem and bridge communication gaps. If said complications cannot be solved, then Beijing Homestay will place the foreign guest with another host family at no cost.

Responsibilities for the Foreign visitor to China Homestay

  • 1) The foreign visitor is responsible for one placement fee to Beijing Homestay for finding and negotiating the stay. This fee is 6000RMB for 3 months or less, plus 1500RMB for each additional month. This is the only fee the foreign visitor will be responsible for; there are no rent, food, pickup or utility costs for the entire duration of the foreign visitors stay. This fee is due upon arrival in China, we do reserve the right to ask or a deposit if we need to sponsor your visa.

  • 2) The foreign visitor will agree to pay the fee immediately after they have been delivered to the host family‚Äôs house, had a chance to meet each other (with translators if necessary) and have agreed to accept the homestay.

  • 3) The foreign visitor also agrees to spend at least 4 hours per week with the host family, as to not treat the host family like a hotel. China Homestay would also like to mention that the more time you spend with your family the deeper the relationship and the more valuable the homestay experience will be for you.

  • 4) The foreign visitor further commits to being honest, respectful and straightforward with China Homestay Homestay. The foreign visitor also agrees to be mature and responsible with all matters pertaining to their Homestay. China Homestay is trying very hard not to charge an application fee to keep this program as cheap as possible; so please honour your application dates and notify us if your plans change or you cannot participate in this program for any reason. We reserve the right to charge a 400RMB cancellation fee if you cancel your plans.

  • 5) The foreign visitor agrees to obey all the laws of China and respect any requests or rules the host family may have.

Guest Terms of Agreement

Responsibilities for the foreign visitor to the Chinese host family

  • 1) The foreign visitor promises above all that they will respect and abide by all Chinese laws, regulations and customs.

  • 2) The foreign visitor agrees to obey all the laws of China and respect any requests or rules the host family may have.

  • 3) The foreign visitor will inform the family 24 hours in advance should they decide to travel out of town for any extended length of time.

  • 4) The foreign visitor further agrees to be mature, professional, polite and respectful of the family and their culture.

Hosts Terms of Agreement

Responsibilities for the Chinese host family to the foreign visitor

  • 1) The host family herein has agreed to be respectful, honest, fair and understanding of the visiting guest.

  • 2) The host family agrees to provide the following to the foreign guest: one private bedroom, desk, internet, air conditioner/heater and at least one meal (usually dinner). In most cases a private bathroom will also be arranged.

  • 3) The host family also agrees to be forthcoming and straightforward with any complications, concerns and/or apprehensions they may have with the foreign visitor.

  • 4) The host family agrees that all situations should be dealt with in a mature and respectful manor.

  • 5) The host family will provide a clean, safe and comfortable room, in a home with telephone and Internet connections.

  • 6) The host family will also abide by all special commitments agreed upon with China Homestay and the foreign visitor.

  • 7) A key will be provided to the foreign visitor upon arrival.